Sunday, March 27, 2011


Now I don’t know if I have shared a secret obsession I have….. but I am IN LOVE with stripes! It may be a little strange, but I just love everything about them! I think stripes are so versatile and really can work with anything or any space. I love to pair them with, other patters, different colors, shapes and textures. I especially love them on walls!

Recently we just moved into our first house and were soooo excited to put our own personal touch on it! I had been talking about doing a striped wall somewhere in our house, and my other half was a little bit tentative, because he thought it would look like a circus tent. I assured  him that I would do a very tasteful stripe, so he let me have at it!

I did it myself…which I don’t recommend. I would get a partner and some snap chalk lines to make the project A LOT easier. I used a laser level, which made it tricky but I pulled it off…ONCE in a lifetime occurrence. haha. It was a task, but it actually turned out to be one of my/our, many favorite parts of the house. See below, but keep in mind that is the first step…I have some layering to do on top of it, but it is a beautiful work in progress : )

You will notice that I divided up our entry wall into 7 sections. From there I taped off the darker section using the existing wall color as my lighter portion. I thought the more neutral palate works well for our home because I like to pull in other colors and have the stripes be a backdrop that work with anything. I also chose to do a horizontal stripe to give the illusion that the wall is longer than it really is...great for an entry wall to pull people into your home...not literally of course :)

Below are some different examples of how stripes can be used in your home and how they can really make an impact on any space no matter what the size:

This is a great example of using stripes to incorporate the color palate you want to have in your room. Using the stripe as the back drop, you can layer different colors, patters and textures on top of it, as you see above.

 You can do a vertical stripe to create height in your room and give the illusion that you ceilings are taller than they actually are....sneaky :)

In this example, they have used the striped wall as the focal point and than just have a more neutral palate layered on top, not to distract from them.LOVE THIS!

I love this example because it is not as dramatic as the previous examples, but still give a nice striped feeling without being to bold. I love how they did a dark, rich color and than pop-ed the white stripe reminds me of a tailored pinstriped suite...very chic.

Talk about a POP! I love the boldness of these black and white stripes. I especially LOVE the asymmetry of them. Your stripes do not have to creates interest!

Similar to the color palate I used in my striped, this picture represents rounding the striped through the corners. This is WONDERFUL to make a small room appear bigger. If you do it on two connecting walls your eye will aromatically continue on and not stop at the connection, therefore tricking your mind to think that the wall continues and the room is bigger! GENIUS!

I love how these stripes are so feminine. Just by changing the color palate, it changes the whole feeling of the room. So pretty and girly :)

This is a wonderful idea if you have great art that you want to showcase. By using the stripes to create a focal point you can really showcase your art and make them stand out...much like an art gallery!

I am OBSESSED with this example. If you think doing two toned stripes is too much for you, use the same color and change the paint finish. In this example, the base is a flat black and they used a high gloss black paint to create their stripe. This not only gives you the dramatic striped look with using the same color, but adds a great textural aspect to them....this may be my next project..I'm thinking in a powder room :)


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