Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting Creative with your Fireplaces

I don’t know what it is, but I totally have a thing for fireplaces! I think they are fascinating….not the fire part, but all the different ways you can accessorize them! Yeah I said it. I actually had a woman come up to me the other day, and she said “I have a design problem”. Well, in my head I was thinking…”bring it on!”, I love a good design problem.

She explained that she has a formal living room in her new house with a non working fireplace. She wanted to find a solution to make it a feature of the room, much like art would be, without spending the money to get it up and running again. I thought it was such an interesting idea, and it really got me thinking of all the different and creative ways you could use a fireplace, without having the fire! ENJOY!

Book Storage

LOVE!!! still have a little of the fire aspect. Easy and inexpensive to do!

Faux Logs

A place for seasonal decor

Art Niche

Wine Cellar
Record Display

Have a great week!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Colorful Kitchens

Hello all! First I want to apologize for not being around recently and blogging. Business has been very busy which is great news, but just means I am finding it harder to find some time to sit down, relax and share my thoughts…the good the bad and the ugly, on design. Here I am though with a latte in hand and taking some time to share some fun ideas.

With the weather being so nice, I can’t help to think about color! Color is all around in the blue sky, the green grass, and the flowers blooming. I just LOVE IT!!! I was thinking about how I often talk about bringing color into your space through artwork, accessories and paint that are easily changed. With this idea, I thought, how about color in a more permanent application…like in a kitchen. Below are some funky COLORFUL kitchens that I thought were worth sharing, and maybe would spark some color inspiration for your homes! ENJOY!!!

Colorful Custom Cabinetry

Talk about taking a risk with color

Colorful Countertops

Getting Funky with the Backsplash

I LOVE this combonation and than pulling it all together withthe mosaic backsplash!

Now this is Funky....not my fave, but VERY creative!

Enjoy the weekend!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Swing into Spring

High Point Market was INCREDIBLE and I can't wait share the amazing things that I saw and learned! I'll keep you posted when I I finally get unpacked and everything in order to blog about everything, but in the mean time...

It's officially April so its time to embrace the Spring Season, and welcome in the warm weather.
Below are 5 ways to welcome Spring into your home with a FRESH start and get started on those cleaning, decorating and organizing plans you have made.

1. Let the Light Shine: Wash the Windows!
Sunny days look brighter through clean windows, so tackle the grime that winter storms have left behind on interior and exterior windows now.  Either grab a squeegee like the pros do, or just grab some Windex and a paper towel and get after it. You can get started with your interior windows today, despite the weather, but choose a bright, still day to clean exterior windows.

2. Catch the Breeze: Open Windows on a Warm Day
Cold weather brings shut windows and tightly-closed doors--which can create a build-up of stale odors in any home. When you live with them, your nose learns to ignore them, but nothing whispers "Spring is here!" like a freshly-aired house. Let the Breeze blow! Air out the house one sunny afternoon to bring Spring's freshness inside. Opening doors and windows to catch a breeze will chase away old cooking smells and any stale or musty odors that have built up during the winter months.

3. Blooming Wonder: Bring the Season Inside
Cut small branches from a flowering tree, or gather ready-to-bloom daffodils and tulips from the garden that you just planted using my last blog recommendations. Displayed simply, in a tall water glass, vase or mason jar, they'll add a splash of Spring color and fragrance to your home.

4. Fresh Start: Clean Out the Refrigerator
The arrival of a new season is a good signal to clean out stored food in refrigerator and pantry and make a quick check of expiration dates. That could be creating some of those smells that you are trying to flush out with the spring breeze. If you have food items in your pantry that are still good, but just don’t think you will eat them, take the time donate them to a local food bank, so they're enjoyed by others.

5. Out with the Cuddly: Wind down the Winter Warmers
As warm weather approaches, take a hard look at the family's cold-weather bedding and favorite winter warmers. Separate out the stained, pilled flannel sheets and shrunken loungewear for recycling or donation.
As you return winter bedding and clothing to closet storage areas, make a quick list of any needed replacements. Keep your eyes open for end-of-season clearance sales. This make it easy AND cheap to replace worn-out linens and faded clothes.

Swing into Spring!