Monday, March 14, 2011

Design Trends

As most things in life, trends come and go. Same is true for the Design world, however through the years, I have noticed a few that are sticking around. In fact, I have to admit , the current interior design trends are exciting! They shout sophistication regardless of specific style – casual, traditional, contemporary or classic. Now is not the time to be “matchy-matchy” and super uptight! Play around and have some fun with your space. It’s yours…go CRAZY!

These are a few of my faves…

Style Mixing:

Using one style for your focal point and adding elements of another one contributes to the look of today’s popular interiors. I love the combination of classic and contemporary elements blended together…it is so refreshing and chic!

Glamour and Shimmer:

I mean who doesn’t like a little sparkle in life every once in a while?  For instance infusing interiors with a hint of shimmer in silky fabrics, glistening mosaic tiles, high gloss paint and fabulous glass or crystal lighting! Oh it just sounds so lavish  :)

Pale/Neutral Palettes:

This is one of those trends that is sticking around, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! It is the perfect base to add onto for every season, every mood, and every budget. I love the idea of a rich taupe or beige wall with crisp white trim and molding encasing the room. It just screams chic! Using a neutral palate in your space often times make you feel put together, and than adding a punch of color and texture, really seals the deal!

White Kitchens:

This is a new one, but I think it is hanging in as well. It used to be that every one wanted really rich wood cabinetry and dark granite….now it is quite the opposite. White/Light Kitchen are IN….In a kitchen it is so important to feel clean and sanitary, and this is where this trend stems from.  Having lighter cabinetry goes very well for having rich dark floors to balance the space and really create a space of warmth. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Finishing Touches:
Books are a key element among the interior design trends in accessories. As designers, we will often create stacks of them to display. On tables, on shelves, on the floor…stacks of books continue to be a hot finishing touch. In many cases I think the color and texture they provide for the design scheme is more important than their actual content…like anyone reads them anyway.

On the walls, black and white photography continues to be a hot choice. It’s a great way to add your own personal touch or create the feeling of a gallery. Plus it adds some refreshing contemporary pizazz to any room’s style... and how can you resist pizzazz!

 Happy Designing

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