Tuesday, March 29, 2011

~Spring Has Sprung~

Well the time has come…SPRING IS HERE and it is time to spruce up (no gardening pun intended), and clean out. This seems like a pretty ridiculous post for me to blog about, seeing that I DO NOT have a green thumb or anything else green on my body. I have killed indoor plants…sad but true. It’s time to change that though, so after doing some research, not only will I blog about sprucing up your lawn and garden for spring, but I will also take my own advise! Here goes…

1. Add flowers and ornamental plants- It seems easy but, nothing adds quite as much color and beauty to a yard as flowers in full bloom. It also adds another LAYER to the exterior of your home. If you already have planting areas around your home, spend a weekend digging up the beds and plant some ornamental plants and flowers. Choose a variety of plants that will bloom during various times of the year so that something will always be in bloom with little upkeep…my kind of gardening! Help keep your planting beds beautiful and weed-free by using mulch, or by first putting down landscaping cloth before planting and mulching.

2. Spruce up your yard with a healthier lawn- A green lawn is a happy lawn! If the winter did not help your lawn in the green department, a simple application of lawn fertilizer and weed killer can make it lush and green in no time. If you have patches of bare ground in your yard, spread grass seed to fix these spots.

3.Add landscaping lights- You can find them pretty much anywhere (ie. Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, and Ace Hardware). Lighting can make the difference between an unattractive yard and a showplace. Just like indoor task lighting, ambient lighting, and table lamps, outdoor lighting creates a soft and inviting look to the exterior of your home.  A well-lit yard not only is beautiful, but it is also a more secure yard, as outdoor lighting is an overall deterrent for crime…Interesting!

These are great outdoor lighting fixtures because they are solar  powered and don't require any electrical work or direct power...you just stick them in the ground...easy enough :)

4. Hide unsightly fixtures- If you have areas in your yard that contain utility service boxes, pipes, well pumps or other eyesores, try disguising them with landscaping rocks. Sometimes all it takes is the strategic placement of a few large rocks, combined with tall ornamental grasses or some shrubs to transform these ugly areas into a beautiful spot in your yard. You can also purchase artificial rocks that are hollow, which are designed to be placed over these types of objects to completely hide them, while still allowing access to them when necessary.

5. Invest in Lawn Furniture- Try to think of your lawn or patio as an extension of your home rather than the outside of it. If you change our thinking than you could really create a beautiful “outdoor living space”. Go so far as purchasing an outdoor area rug that is moisture resistant. This will really give you a whole other living area to your home to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and admire all of your handiwork in the garden!

Happy Spring!

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