Saturday, September 12, 2015

Kitchen Remodel in Denver Complete!

 You don’t truly understand the phrase,  'kitchen remodel’ until you have actually gone through your own kitchen remodel. A full kitchen remodel is far more complicated then pulling down the old cabinets and putting in new ones. It is a process that requires patience, flexibility, and many team members to pull off such a beautiful finished product! Our clients the Grossman's willingness to go on the kitchen remodel ride gave them a kitchen to be proud of! 

When we first met with the Grossmans, they expressed their dislike for the function of their kitchen. Lack of cabinet space and lack of a easy traffic flow caused them a headache every time they entertained or cooked. Then and there it was decided that something needed to change.
No prep space next to the stove, low overhead cabinets, and a large intrusive peninsula

 HUGE commercial fridge next to the oven which made it very hard to navigate the kitchen

Bar the extended between the kitchen and the living room. You had to go all the way around to navigate both spaces...this needed to change for traffic flow!

Down to the wall studs it was! 

Opening between the two rooms where the bar once was

Gutted Kitchen and higher ceiling height

The Grossmans kitchen involved some structural adjustments such as removing the ceiling soffit to add ceiling height. Plumbing and electrical had to be relocated but it was worth it to accommodate the new new tall 42" upper cabinets.

All of the time using a makeshift kitchen and the headache of living with construction dust paid off because now they get to enjoy this gorgeous space!

Re-working the overall traffic flow of the kitchen relied heavily on changing the layout. What was once a peninsula countertop is now an open pathway with a skinny island in the center of the space. Now company and kids can gather around the whole area instead of one side and be in the way of the action. The largest change that has transformed the area is the removal of a wet bar the stood between the living room and the kitchen. It just created an awkward area that was more wasted space. We completely demoed the wet bar as well as the hallway closet behind in the hallway. It was important to have a bar in some capacity, but one that was conveniently tucked away. We ended up placing a mini bar that the space the hallway closet once occupied. It is the perfect space for storing bar accessories and have a second sink in the area.

Now that the layout was greatly improved, it was time to see that whole kitchen come together through the selected finishes and appliances!

The gorgeous light cherry Fina cabinets purchased through "Kitchens At TheDenver" compliment the   organic swirls of beiges, purples, and gold sparkles Cambria quartz countertop beautifully. The a light beige mosaic travertine backsplash was added to give depth and brighten up the whole space. New refrigerator was moved over from its original location to make it more accessible. They traded in their gas stovetop and hood for an induction cook top with a new stainless steel microwave above to maximize space win their kitchen and allow for more cabinet and counter top space.

Some of the added features that brought the kitchen from standard to customized were the soft close doors on the kitchen cabinets, Kohler faucets, under cabinet lighting, can lighting as well as CAI pendantlighting in an oil bronzed finish. A new Blanco steel granite composite sink was placed in the same location. 

The Grossmans can now proudly say that they have survived a full kitchen remodel. It was a pleasure working with such a wonderful family. We are so excited to hear how their first party goes!  


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