Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Scottsdale Vacation Home: The Master Bed and Bath

This master bedroom is HUGE, so the challenge for the room was to make it feel more cozy and intimate. We definitely could have done more with this space, however giving the time restriction, I am thrilled with how is turned out. It is a departure from the rest of the house that is much more contemporary because my client wanted this to feel more like her home and have a "pottery barn" look. With the softer color palette and the spectacular custom upholstered headboard, I think we found the balance between contemporary and comfortable.... CHIC!!!

I love this custom upholstered headboard. it has a slight pattern to it, to give it depth without being too over powering. Also the contrast linen trim/welt, help to emphasize the dramatic camel back shape.

I love this shot looking into the room. It shows off the beautiful coffered high ceilings, along with the GORGEOUS mirror that you see as you walk into the space.

Master Bath
This master bath is STUNNING!! There wasn't much for me to do besides add mirrors, hardware and accessories. I thought it was worth showing though.

Master Bedroom:
Euro Pillows: Bassett
Bedding: Bed Bath and Beyond
Duvet and Coverlet: Pottery Barn
Throw Pillows: Pottery Barn
Nightstands: Local Store
Lamps: La Maison
Wing Back Chairs: Local Store
Bed Bench: Local Store
Drapery Tiebacks: Burlap Ribbon
Entry Mirror: La Maison

Master Bathroom:
Mirrors: Pottery Barn
Hardware: Home Depot
Towels: Bed Bath and Beyond
Accessories: Local Stores



Sunday, October 20, 2013

Scottsdale Vacation Home: The Media Room

I love this little room!!! My client and I envisioned this space being used by the kids for gaming, movies and jumping around. With that being said, we also wanted it to be comfortable and stylish because it is positioned in the middle of the house and is very visible... especially from the great room. We wanted it to flow but not be in the same color schedule as the great room, so we chose this fun circle pattern with navy, teal and lime green, and ran with that palette. Not only is is fun and whimsical space, it also very practical with a queen fold out sofa. I love when a space looks good and serves multiple purposes :)

The ottoman is such a cute addition. By putting it in the same bold circle pattern, and contrast welt, it brings the space together. It is also great for additional seating.

This room had this great built in nook which was perfect to store board games and bedding for the pull out sofa.
I love the bold, graphic art we found. Both make for great additions for the room.

Nook Artwork: Bassett Furniture
Shag Rug:  Bassett Furniture
TV Console: World Market
Side Table: Crate and Barrel
Accessories:Homegoods and Local Store

Game On!!


Monday, October 14, 2013

Scottsdale Vacation Home: The Great Room

I am absolutely ECSTATIC to share this post with you today. I have several other beautiful rooms on this property to show; however this is the one I am most excited about.

 This room when we arrived was just a large open space with A LOT of travertine tile on the floors. Because it was so wide open I wanted to create some defined areas around the two focal points (entertainment built-ins and fireplace) with area rugs. I wanted these spaces to stand on their own, but all work together seamlessly. Keeping in mind that this is a vacation home, I really wanted to keep it very comfortable for the whole family, but also functional when entertaining others. With the combination of a wonderful, cool color palette, over-sized furniture and whimsical textiles and fabrics, this is now a home away from home:)

Won't this be the PERFECT sofa for the guys to plop down on with a beer, and watch some TV after coming back from playing golf?
 Or where the family could all hang out on a watch a movie... That was the idea of this area :)

 PERFECT for entertaining!
After the furniture was delivered, my client and I found ourselves on these over-sized chairs catching our breath.
 When looking for furniture, she fell in LOVE with these chairs because she really wanted a place where she could curl up with a book or drink her coffee in the morning.

 I LOVE these bar stools. The perfect combination of wood detailing and upholstery.
 This is standing with my back to the windows looking at the front door. A great glimpse of the the 3 defined areas.
 The detailing on the base of this table is stunning! It is like its own work of art.

Area Rugs: Bassett Furniture
Large Sectional: Bassett Furniture
Accent Club Chair: Lexington Home Brands
Accent Rope Garden Stool: Crate and Barrel
Sofa Table: Pottery Barn
Dining Table: Lexington Home Brands
Dining Chairs: Lexington Home Brands
Over Sized Chairs: Bassett Furniture
Large Ottoman: Bassett Furniture
Accent Table: Crate and Barrel
Coffee Table: Lexington Home Brands
Start-burst Mirror:  La Maison- Local Store
Accent Lamps: Local Store
Throw: Pottery Barn

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Scottsdale Vacation Home: Kids Guest Room

I am so excited about this guest room, because my client was open to using BOLD colors, and I think it turned out to be such a fun and whimsical room. Her only requirement for this space was that there were 2 twin beds to accommodate for kiddos when they go down for vacation.

I found this bold coral, geometric fabric and decided to use it as my jumping off point for the room. The coral in combination with the teal is a great contrast and makes for a fun, gender neutral space.

 I love to do a contrast welt on headboards because it adds another design element and contrast while providing a more tailored look.  

The same fabric used for the contrast welt, was used to make additional throw pillows to pull the whole look together.

Custom Upholstered Twin Beds: Bassett Home Furniture
Bedding: Crate and Barrel
Bed Stools: Pottery Barn
Nightstand: Pottery Barn
Lamp: Local Store

Sweet Dreams


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Scottsdale Vacation Home: The Process

This was such an AMAZING project for me. I had the privilege of being hired to design, fill and furnish a beautiful vacation home in Scottsdale, Arizona for my Denver based client. My client, her friend and I took a trip down early in July 2013 to see the property, take pictures, take measurements, and fill the house with the essentials (i.e. towels, soap, paper towels, toiletries, small kitchen appliances, dishes, silverware, bedding, etc.) It is amazing how much goes into a house when you purchase it all at once.... needles to say, we shopped A LOT this trip.
Once back in Denver I put together a general floor plan and 3D renderings of what I had in mind for the space, and began the hunt for furniture.  Fortunately my client was WONDERFUL to work with and really gave me complete design control. Because the space was empty we had a blank canvas to work with....a rarity in my world. We decided to not do any painting right away, however she had a great idea of the overall style she wanted for the space. She also expressed wanting to have a very cool and contemporary color palette, of gray, white and teal, so I took it and ran with it! I ordered all the furniture, mattress, and rugs from a combination of Bassett Home Furniture and Lexington Home Brands, and accessories and other small occasional pieces from several retail stores in AZ. Once the large orders were placed we had 4-6 weeks to wait for it all to ship out and arrive to my holding warehouse in Scottsdale. We then booked another flight back down to install, and within 36 hours, we had filled the entire home. It now is a comfortable, stylish and totally livable space….perfect for a desert getaway!!

It is a gorgeous property and I am so excited to share each of the spaces with you!