Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIY "Metal" Chair

As we get close to a holiday weekend, besides stars and stripes…all I can think of are all of the AMAZING garage sales that will be going on! Last weekend, I hit some great ones and thought I would share my findings and DIY-ing with you!! At my first stop in the morning, I found this chair looking pretty sad, and decided to take it home for the HUGE price tag of $5!!!! Yes, you heard me right :)

When I saw it, the shape reminded me, in a vintage way, of those industrial looking, metal chairs that seem to popping up in design magazines recently. Like these:

Much to my surprise, this light yellow chair has had many lives before me, and about 5 other AWFUL pastel colors to prove it. With the help of my AWESOME, Black and Decker hand sander, some sand paper, and some metallic spray paint, this junky chair has a new, “industrial” look.

 It only took me about 2 hours from start to finish too.... which may be a record :) Now it sits in our front hall and is a perfect place for my hubby to put on his shoes in the morning!

Don’t forget to seal your work to protect it from all the wear it will be getting:) I use this product which is really easy to spray on.

Happy hunting for your next gem!