Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DIY Bar Cart

I am back from an AMAZING trip to Dublin, London, Amsterdam and Vienna! I can’t wait to share pictures and my thoughts about each city! I was BLOWN away by the beauty, architecture, design and culture and am feeling VERY inspired.... Stay tuned!

In the mean time, I meant to post this before I left, so here it is.

I have become utterly OBSESSED with "bar carts". I first was inspired by this picture that I found on Pinterest, and later started following this awesome blog of a women who who started manufacturing her own collection of furniture including bamboo, vintage inspired bar carts. Gotta love a little retro!

Bar carts can be so versatile and I love the whole concept. Whether you used them as an actual bar cart, an entry piece, a side table with a lamp, a night stand, a kitchen cart, the possibilities are endless…which is so fun!

After looking at TONS of carts online, I went on the hunt to find my very own bar cart. With a DIY mindset I stumbled into Good Will to find this gem, buried under junk, for only $35. WOO HOO! Score! 

After getting it back home, I proceeded to take off the drop down handles and hinges….all 64 TINY screws and all!! Quite the task but I loved the brass hardware so I wanted to make sure to preserve it!
Note: My Dog Beasley LOVES to help with all of my projects...especially if they involve painting outside:)
Then I used Liquid sandpaper….my saving grace, because NO ONE likes to sand but is a necessary evil if you want the new paint to adhere to the surface. This stuff is the BEST because it removes the shiny finish on pieces and roughs it up a little so your new paint has a good grip and will last much longer.
Once stripped and “sanded” I selected “oregano” colored spray paint and gave it 3 light coats.

Once dry, the last step was to seal it, so it will last overtime without chipping!
There you have it…my very own bar/kitchen cart. All for around $50

 Here I staged it as an entry table/side table in my home

 Here is it's final home in my house next to my kitchen. Not only do I have the bar part on top, I am using it for cookbook storage on the lower shelf. Again, this is a great opportunity not only for storage, but also is a great place for accessorizing as well.