Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Coolest House in the Neighborhood

Growing up, the minds of kids often dream of having their house be considered a ‘cool house’. Meet the family that now has the coolest playroom and bedroom in the neighborhood! We transformed an ordinary playroom into a playroom that reflects the style of today. On top of that, a teenager’s bedroom gets a complete makeover, bed and all.

First lets begin in the playroom. Before, the parents did a great job painting the walls bright colors and adding some bookshelves for storage. Despite their efforts to keep the kids things tidy, the accumulation of toys just became overwhelming and left little place to keep them. It was important to create accessible storage in the space without looking like… well storage.  

We first eliminated the wall colors and created a neutral color palette expect for one wall which we painted in black chalkboard paint! Keeping the color neutral, we are able to have fun with our furniture and accessories in the room. Cubed storage bins line the full wall. The cubes contain colorful crates that allow the kids to store toys and school supplies. 

A brightly colored rug sits beneath a white lacquered craft table. Four funky red chairs allow both kids and adults to spread out their creative projects and have plenty space to spread out. The kiddos did most of the accessorizing with their awesome artwork, figures and collectables. We finished off the space with a black, whimsical wire lamp, red clock to keep time, and a white board. Let the play begin! 

But first, we have to tell you about James’ awesome room.
Sharing a Jack and Jill bathroom with the playroom is James’ room. Loving the colors yellow and orange, we wanted to give him a colorful room that reflects his teenage status. We were inspired by the bold colors and stripes we found in a bedspread. 
Keeping with that theme, we painted bold horizontal lines in blue, yellow, and orange. Rustic metal letters spells out his name above his bed to let everyone know whose room they are walking into. 
A dark wood bed frame with a matching nightstand gives the room a sturdy, timeless feel. For the second nightstand it was a locker inspired table, (metal locks and all) which really transformed this into a boys room. Two yellow lamps on either nightstand tie together the wall and bedding. 

James finished off the space with his oversized beanbag chair so that he could have a comfy corner to do all his reading.

Thank you for letting us create such a fun project! We really enjoyed letting our inner child out. Hope you have some amazing  creative sessions in your new space!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Denver Life Magazine Show House 2015

It has been an honor to be involved in this years Denver Life Magazine Show House. We are excited to share the finished product with all of you!

In case you didn’t hear, Corinne Ekle, owner of c2Design, was selected as one of the designers for this years show house put on by Denver Life Magazine. Her challenge was to transform the basement bed and bath into a luxurious retreat. 

In the bedroom, she took a risk by placing a band of wallpaper from the wall up to the dark high gloss ceiling. She knew people would either love it or hate it, but either way she wanted to evoke some kind of emotion. Turns out people loved it!

The wallpaper sets the stage for the room. It was important to keep the other colors neutral. A dark walnut wood bed frame from Lexington Home Brands suggests a modern luxury hotel feel with the slight curve in the frame. Custom drapery in a heavy dark beige fabric are hung as close to the ceiling as possible to dramatize the high ceilings. A white lacquered console provides a place for guests to set their things for their stay. Gold and silver accessories decorate the tabletops to cap off the clean lines.

In the adjoining bathroom, Candice Olsen wallpaper was used to create a bold statement. It ties in beautifully with the bedroom. We couldn’t be prouder of Corinne Ekle on all her accomplishments! Her room turned out to be beautiful and we can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve. 

Thank you to Denver Life Magazine for hosting such a wonderful project for a wonderful cause, Habitat for Humanity. You can find the house featured in a 26 page new spread in Denver Life Magazine now in stores.

Don't forget to stop by the showhouse and see for yourself! Is now open to the public 9:30am-3:30pm at 1535 S Clayton St., Denver, 80210.