Friday, November 14, 2014

Ranch Home Bath Remodels

The ranch home is making a comeback for American families. The dated decor? Not so much. c2Design was excited to break a bathroom out of its 1970’s remodel and into this century!

Practicality was a must for this family of 4. Let’s begin in the hallway bath. Two young girls share this bathroom. Though pink all over would have been extremely fun, we had to keep in mind it doubles as the guests bathroom as well. Light gray ceramic tile floors with a linen texture runs vertically up the back wall. 
This gives the space perspective by drawing your eye across the whole space from the entrance to the back wall. Aqua glass subway tile not only breaks up the back wall but adds color for these young girls which continues through the newly tiled tub/shower.
Stainless steel bath fixtures, a new vanity, and a lots of storage will allow this girls to grow into the space as their make-up and beauty products accumulate with age.
Now that the girls were taken care of, it was time to focus on the much deserving parents’ needs.
These parents of two were missing one thing in their own bathroom -- a shower! A linen closet was sacrificed for extra space, but if you ask this family, it was well worth it! The brand new shower is really a piece of interior art. Working from the bottom up, a mosaic glass base anchors the tiled walls.
A circle accent band adds dimension and interest to the space as well.
This beautiful design hosts a rain shower head and seamless shower glass allowing nothing to obstruct the view looking in. New vanity, new hardware and a light paint color makes this cozy bathroom a touch of luxury for these parents.

Together, these two bathrooms meets this families needs. Extra storage, a new shower, and contemporary twist on a classic bathroom design not only makes this family get ready faster in the morning, they will actually enjoy the process! 

Thank you for allowing us to break down a wall or two to SEE TO your design needs!


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mid-Mod Chic Home Office

To be welcomed into homes is such an honor for us at c2Design. This particular project was a familiar home since they have been family friends for a while now. It was desired to have an updated, sophisticated office space. A challenge when working from home is to separate your home from your executive office. c2Design was up to the challenge to separate the space while creating a mid century mod dream! 

Bookcases are excellent focal point for many homes. This office boasted a full wall of custom built bookcases with storage underneath. We updated the look by painting the back wall in a charcoal, high gloss gray. Not only did her amazing collection of books now jump out from the color, but they could really be highlighted for what a beauty they are. 

If the bookcases weren't enough of a grand focal point, we also had a window directly adjacent to decorate. Custom drapery allowed us to take the window and fabric in the direction we wanted. We choose a trellis pattern on a heavy weight silk which allowed the drapes to hang nicely. To frame the top of the window, a multi colored cord outlined the upholstered valence and tied together all the colors. 

To add a little glam, a beaded trim finished off the drapery.

  It's essential to connect the two adjacent focal points so that the eye has a path to follow when walking in the room. We accomplished this with a gold mirror, which is more like a piece of art, and placed it on the wall to reflect the bookcases and drapery in once glance. It really tied the grand elements of the room together. Now it was time to focus on the function of the office. 

It was important to remember the primary purpose of this office; a visual pleasing, yet functional space to work in! Two chairs were placed conversationally in front of the desk to allow work meetings to take place but with style. The architecture of the chairs were a nod to mid century modern aesthetic  We paid homage to the style by upholstering the seats in a gray and white houndstooth fabric. This tied in with the bench under the bookcase which received the same upholstered treatment and a updated spray painted gold "x" base. To anchor this whole space we selected a spectacular hair on hide gray and white area rug that added another geometric pattern and anchored the whole space.

Finishing touches of vintage inspired lamps, maps, greenery, and paper trays completed this office transformation. With a variety of grays, beiges, and gold finishes, our mid century mod (with a touch of glam) was a success! We thank our client for letting us put a touch of c2Design in her office! 

Could you get some work done in this space? We would love to hear your thoughts!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2015

Color trends for 2015 have been revealed! We get so excited to see a fresh spin on the color palettes we have all been wearing and living in for the past years.

c2Design attended Benjamin Moores’ annual color forecasting event to get an inside look on the color palettes, trends, and inspirations.

Lets start off with the color of the year. We have a tendency to think the the color of the year will be this bright, shocking, pop color. Not so! We learned that the color of the year is more like the face of the color story. It can easily transform into an accent, ceiling, or wall color. The purpose is to blend with all the colors.

So whats the color? Guilford Green. Introduced to Benjamin Moore back in 1976, this historic color breathes life into a traditionally classic color.

The other major theme of the event was the trend of monochromatic colors.
‘A monochromatic color scheme uses tints and shades of the same color. It creates a look that is sophisticated and elegant’ ….Benjamin Moore

By using the same color in different variations all around the house adds interest and is easy to do. You can’t  mess up with colors when they are all in the same family. Have fun with this by painting your bedroom wall a deep purple, drapery in a lighter shade of purple, then dress your bedding in different shades of the same purple. Fool proof equation to decorating.

Lastly, the inspirations behind the colors are just as interesting as the colors. How do they create the forecasts for the year? A devoted team takes notice to the world around them. With travels to Paris, Japan, and London, they snap pictures of everyday life that sticks out to them. They also tear of thousands of magazine pictures that captivate their eye. Once they have visual inspirations, they bring it all together to see what jumps out at them. 

Monochromatic and a sense of tradition was big this year.
There you have it! Have fun with the new 2015 color trends and don’t be afraid to switch up your walls! Visit Benjamin Moore for the full color palette and products.

Design Assistant- c2Design

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