Thursday, April 11, 2013

All American, Young Boy's Bedroom

The room screams BOY!! I love the pallete of red and navy....very All American, don't you think?! This tween boy is like any other young man who want his own space. By giving him a new room layout with his existing furniture,  and an accent wall in a great denim, navy color, he is able to let his imagination soar with plenty of room to do so! Whether he is doing homework, hanging with his buds or just "chillin'", as he says; this is a now a room that he can really enjoy!



Teenage Bedroom, Transformed!!

This was a fun room because we were able to transform this space from a little girls room with pink and butterlies,  to a sophisticated, yet funky teenage space. With new white furniture and a fun color palette on the walls and celing, we were able create a room that she can grow with for years to come!

A must for this room was purple, yet she LOVED her new, teal polka dot bed spread. By painting the ceiling a great turquoise color, were were able to pull it all together while also giving it an unexpected touch of flair (painting ceilings is my new favorite design element!) I chose to paint the back wall a darker lilac color, than the rest of the room, to give the space more perspective and depth.... because everyone know I love an accent wall!

A big thanks you to our teen for letting me invade her space and trusting me to get a little funky :)


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ekle Master Bedroom

This project is near and dear to my heart, because it is mine, and my husbands master bedroom! It has been a work in progress, but it is finally at a place that I am happy with...much to my husbands relief; )As most of my clients, I am also on a budget for my own design projects. For our bedroom I chose the items worth splurging on (custom upholstered bed and new carpeting), others that I have had since college (ikea dresser and TV stand), others that I had to get creative with (nightstands), and than those REALLY good bargains :)

Now, the before and after picture are VERY dramatic....the previous owners of our house were a very lovely older couple who had not done ANY updating....EVER! (green shag carpeting;) Also, apparently they did not have any clothes because the 1 hall closet size master closet, was not going to cut it for us. With the help of my creative, architect dad, and my contractor, we were able to design and build a walk-in closet with PLENTY of room for both my husband and I. We even got an arch detail out of it to add a nice architectural element to the otherwise rectangular space, and create an "entry way". 


Before 1
After 1
Before 2
After 2
Before 3
After 3
Before 4
After 4
Before 5

Night Stand- DIY project
Check out the tutorial HERE

LOVE my vanity makes for a MUCH easier morning getting ready together!

 Hope you are inspired....try YOUR bedroom this weekend!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Art of Rearranging

Spring has sprung, and if you are like me, you want freshen thing up in your home. Like many of you, I am on a budget (thanks to my husband), so I am having to get creative and rearrange what I already have!

Rearranging seems like a simple task, however there is a method to it, which can REALLY help to change up the aethtic in your home, and give it a whole new look without purchasing anything new....just in time for spring!

Here are a few good places to start:

The center space is your canvas, and the ends stay clear so there’s room to eat without moving everything
Symmetry:  makes for a dramatic but not too formal feeling. Use a large serving piece as the main focal point and add candlesticks on either side.

Asymmetry: If you want to mix and match, add itms of the same color pallate. For instance, if you have a colored candles sticks, try to add the same color flowers in a neutral vase on the other side. Fee free to bunch "like" items together to create clusters!

Pattern and Texture: By doing a runner in a fun pattern or texture, you give  nice contrast between it and the exposed wood/glass below!

Break up a sea of books with interesting objects and friendly art (faces, animals) and you turn the space into a sort of shadow box that draws people in.
Stacking: move the eye around, create more surfaces for  trinkets, and showcase titles. Make sure to step back and see if there is a balance between horizontal and vertical stacks.

Splash of color: group books that are the same color and create a rainbow on your shelves with pops of colors throughout.

Essentially an eye-level stage, it’s a prime protected spot for showing off a large treasure and indulging in your creativity. Consider the view from a distance as well as close-up.

Art and architecture factor heavily with a mantel. Base your palette on the color of the fireplace facade. Choose a large piece to feature, but make sure it’s open or light so it can relate to hanging art without blocking it.

A themed collection:  like items from nature, makes a statement about what’s important to you and is tied together visually. Ceramic and glass are a nice counterpoint to rough pieces. Vary tall and squat, smooth and rough, flat and three-dimensional...think textures!

Layering:  pictures and post-cards creates a casual, unfussy quality, inviting investigation rather than scaring people away.