Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to Choose Your Paint Colors, the Elle Decor Interview

We recently read an article on Elle Decor's website that interviewed designer Scot Meacham Wood, (formerly Ralph Lauren, currently creator of eponymous design firm) on how to choose your paint colors. Here was our take away. You can find the full article at Elle Decor.

Even Wood has had trails and errors on paint colors. Paint colors can be very tricky. He has some great tips that he uses when choosing paint colors for his own projects.

  • First he determines the color palette of the room. Don't try to make the room into something that it is not.
I always try to think what personality I want the room to have, then I select colors according to that!
  • Bring along inspiration pieces when picking out paint. Bring along a sample of your cushion fabric or even the piece of clothing that gave you the inspiration to hold next to the color. This will help tremendously. Wood has been known to buy up to 20 different samples of paint to bring home and try out. 
  • Paint the samples on the wall to see it in different lights throughout the day. He wants to see how it works in the room in all shades of light.
A local store called Guirey's here in Denver has small samples that you can buy for $2.99 to take home and try. These are great if you can decide
  • Wood prefers an eggshell finish for most walls. It provides a little sheen which looks great at night. He finds flat to be too chalky for his taste. And lacquer? Loves it, but must have a perfect wall to put it on.
I personally LOVE using lacquer paint as well. I use it on door, ceilings, and fun furniture pieces

Thanks Elle Decor for sharing such an insightful interview!

Are you doing any painting? We would love to see. Please share with us!

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