Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 Design Resolutions!

Happy New Year!! Now that we have had a few weeks to settle in the new year we thought the space around you deserves your attention too! Sure, your resolutions for working out and eating right are important, but so is designing the space around you! Here are a few resolutions we have for ourselves this year.

Let art fill thou space
Look around your space. Do you have blank walls staring back at you? They are waiting to be decorated with art! Surround yourself with your favorite paintings, pictures, and artifacts.

Create a space that speaks to you
Are you an enthusiastic reader? Can’t get enough of the Broncos? Or possibly you enjoy your night cap baths? Create a space that speaks to your strongest interests. Choose a spot where you spend most of your time and personalize it with those things that make you happy.

Clear the clutter
Repeat after me, clutter is not your friend. Things that you have no attachment to can go. A tip when decorating is choose a room you want to refresh. Take all your accessories down and then re-decorate with them to give them new life. All the items you couldn’t find spot for can be either stored or donated. You will not only have a new take on your space, but also weaved out those pieces you may have been growing tired of.

Backyards are spaces too

It might be hard to think about your backyard when its covered in snow, but let your imagination run wild! Spring will be here soon and now is the perfect time to start thinking of the projects you want to accomplish. Decorate the outdoors as you would inside. Use patterned pillows, plants, and rugs to set your stage. Go beyond the standard patio set up and treat it like a living room. You will be enjoying the warm weather in your backyard before you know it!


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