Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cozy Up in a Reading Nook

Today the snow is falling and it looks like a winter wonderland outside. It's the perfect kind of weather to curl up to a good book and put on those cozy slippers. The space you read in is just as important as a comfy chair. Here are some of our favorite nooks and why we love them.

Though this nook is a tucked away in a corner, it packs a huge punch! By painting the interior bookshelf dark blue, it contrasts very well with the white hallway. It just stands out as something to take notice of and how much they cherish their books.

Think your space is too small to host a floor to ceiling wall of books? Wrong. This rooms show us how to make the most of a wall that is usually decorated with paintings and tables. It provides a stunning focal point for this sitting room.

Now this is a space we could cozy up to. Even though the book shelf isn't huge, there is something very grand yet intimate about it. A chaise lounge for one sets that stage for a perfect stormy day.

Enjoy the snowy weather!

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