Thursday, October 10, 2013

Scottsdale Vacation Home: The Process

This was such an AMAZING project for me. I had the privilege of being hired to design, fill and furnish a beautiful vacation home in Scottsdale, Arizona for my Denver based client. My client, her friend and I took a trip down early in July 2013 to see the property, take pictures, take measurements, and fill the house with the essentials (i.e. towels, soap, paper towels, toiletries, small kitchen appliances, dishes, silverware, bedding, etc.) It is amazing how much goes into a house when you purchase it all at once.... needles to say, we shopped A LOT this trip.
Once back in Denver I put together a general floor plan and 3D renderings of what I had in mind for the space, and began the hunt for furniture.  Fortunately my client was WONDERFUL to work with and really gave me complete design control. Because the space was empty we had a blank canvas to work with....a rarity in my world. We decided to not do any painting right away, however she had a great idea of the overall style she wanted for the space. She also expressed wanting to have a very cool and contemporary color palette, of gray, white and teal, so I took it and ran with it! I ordered all the furniture, mattress, and rugs from a combination of Bassett Home Furniture and Lexington Home Brands, and accessories and other small occasional pieces from several retail stores in AZ. Once the large orders were placed we had 4-6 weeks to wait for it all to ship out and arrive to my holding warehouse in Scottsdale. We then booked another flight back down to install, and within 36 hours, we had filled the entire home. It now is a comfortable, stylish and totally livable space….perfect for a desert getaway!!

It is a gorgeous property and I am so excited to share each of the spaces with you! 




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