Friday, September 20, 2013

What's your "Flavor"?

To me, paint colors are like flavors of ice cream. Who is to say what's the best? It's entirely a personal choice. Like they say, "that's why there's chocolate and vanilla." 

House Beautiful recently queried top designers and color authorities as to their predictions for what colors are going to be trending for interior design this fall. Here's the scoop.
1. Behr Tropical Tide 520D-5
"Blue has been a top mover and now greens are edging ahead, and this color is the bridge between them - a beautiful turquoise blue that makes you feel as if you're in a warm, sunny place. It's like an instant getaway." -Erika Woelfe
2. Pantone Linden Green 15-0533
"Green will continue to be important. We want to celebrate and preserve nature, and green is the first color we see every spring. It's renewable and refreshing. There's hope in green." -Leatrice Eiseman
3. Benjamin Moore Sea Haze 2137-50
"Gray has been so popular, and now we're seeing complex grays with an undertone of color. This one has a hint of green. We've gone through a cleansing of the palette. People want quieter surroundings with just a pop of color, and gray works very well with yellow, which is also trending." -Sharon Grech

4. Glidden Indigo Night GLV 21
"We're all trying to switch off and be quiet. This midnight blue, edging toward purple, is soothing, relaxing, and so enveloping that you can get lost in it. Perfect for those times when you want to escape." -Barbara Richardson
5. Valspar Salmon Run 2002-6B
"Pastels and pretty colors are coming to the foreground. This coral has the lightheartedness of pink, but it's more sophisticated, with chalky-gray undertones. It has a warm, soft touch that feels very embracing." -Sue Kim
6. Pratt & Lambert Sunspot 11-10
"This is sunny and rejuvenating, a golden yellow the color of a marigold. It feels wholesome and authentic, the kind of color that would bring new life to a room. It reflects the optimism we're feeling." -Donna Schroeder

What's your "Flavor"


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