Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Art of Rearranging

Spring has sprung, and if you are like me, you want freshen thing up in your home. Like many of you, I am on a budget (thanks to my husband), so I am having to get creative and rearrange what I already have!

Rearranging seems like a simple task, however there is a method to it, which can REALLY help to change up the aethtic in your home, and give it a whole new look without purchasing anything new....just in time for spring!

Here are a few good places to start:

The center space is your canvas, and the ends stay clear so there’s room to eat without moving everything
Symmetry:  makes for a dramatic but not too formal feeling. Use a large serving piece as the main focal point and add candlesticks on either side.

Asymmetry: If you want to mix and match, add itms of the same color pallate. For instance, if you have a colored candles sticks, try to add the same color flowers in a neutral vase on the other side. Fee free to bunch "like" items together to create clusters!

Pattern and Texture: By doing a runner in a fun pattern or texture, you give  nice contrast between it and the exposed wood/glass below!

Break up a sea of books with interesting objects and friendly art (faces, animals) and you turn the space into a sort of shadow box that draws people in.
Stacking: move the eye around, create more surfaces for  trinkets, and showcase titles. Make sure to step back and see if there is a balance between horizontal and vertical stacks.

Splash of color: group books that are the same color and create a rainbow on your shelves with pops of colors throughout.

Essentially an eye-level stage, it’s a prime protected spot for showing off a large treasure and indulging in your creativity. Consider the view from a distance as well as close-up.

Art and architecture factor heavily with a mantel. Base your palette on the color of the fireplace facade. Choose a large piece to feature, but make sure it’s open or light so it can relate to hanging art without blocking it.

A themed collection:  like items from nature, makes a statement about what’s important to you and is tied together visually. Ceramic and glass are a nice counterpoint to rough pieces. Vary tall and squat, smooth and rough, flat and three-dimensional...think textures!

Layering:  pictures and post-cards creates a casual, unfussy quality, inviting investigation rather than scaring people away.



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