Friday, October 26, 2012

Trends from High Point Market

You probably have been wondering where I have been because of my lack of blogging….or not! In case you WERE, I have just been negligent, honestly, but also in was in Highpoint, North Carolina for the annual Furniture Market.

“High Point Market is the home of the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world that brings together more than 80,000 people and 2,000 vendors. Twice a year, retailers, designers, and industry insiders come in droves to see what is new, hot, and trending in home decor.”-Houzz

I have gone for the past 3 years and ALWAYS look forward to it. It gives me the opportunity to see what is new and happening in the design world, first hand.

Here are the trends that I noticed while I was there this year!

1-Animal Skins
 Cow hides have been around and trending for some time, but this year Shagrin leather (Stingray Skin), and Ostrich skin gave cowhide a run for its money! All three showing up on seating, tables, even picture frames!

2-Molded Chairs
A new take on the classic Charles Eames chair, but now in various versions made from many different materials. This year, none were as clever as the bicycle seat inspired ottomans from Palecek.
 Classic Eames Chair

 Palecek bicycle inspire seat

 3-Chairs with Handles
I guess it is easier to pull out from the table with a handle. I thought this was interested but relatively a simple concept that can do duplicated easily

4-Citrus Colors
5- Hardcase Sofas
 I noticed that a lot of furniture manufacturers pushed the concept of encased sofas as the hot new trend for seating this year

6-Leather Chairs
 Been there done that… I know, but these are different- They have a vintage inspired look with modernization through aging processes, coloration, or unique applications.

7- Metal/Wood Como Furniture

Also known as “Live Edge” furniture, this was seen all over! I love this look because is has a great juxtaposition that really lends itself well to the environmental chic look popping up in retail stores all around.

 This material was showing up in the most unexpected places…very retro-chic!

9-Quatrefoil and Clover Patterns
 As seen HERE in my logo for our wedding…I am a HUGE fan of this pattern and it is showing up in the design world, everywhere in fabrics, furniture and accessories! I am a HUGE fan!!

10-Snout to Tail
 It seems that manufacturers are looking to animals as their inspiration. From a new take of taxidermy to really looking down and using animal’s feet as bases; this was seen form showroom to showroom. Very interesting look but put some bird legs in gold leaf and I might even love it!

Happy Friday


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