Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10 ways to transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving decorating!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Because Halloween and Thanksgiving are so close, I thought I would get a jump start before you start throwing away all your pumpkins after the last trick-or-treaters leave tonight!! It is still fall and the winter chill has not fully set in, so we might as well keep feeling festive and re-use our Halloween decoration

.Here are some ideas to transform your pumpkin and other decorations from Halloween to Thanksgiving!

1. Use leaves from your yard or leaf garland and wrap an old wreath or a styrofoam donut to create a very colorful wreath for your front door

2. Display hollowed-out pumpkins filled with potted fall flowers for a stately on your front steps or a gorgeous table centerpiece.

3. Adapt Christmas lights for the Thanksgiving season. Position branches in a pot half filled with small rocks.. Fill in the top of the pot with gourds and pumpkins to add a splash of color, and wrap strands of lights around the bare branches.

4. Turn an old or summer planter into a pumpkin perch for fall. Hot-glue corn-husks to a straw wreath form and set the wreath on top of a planter and place a pumpkin in the wreath. This way you won’t have to put them away for the holiday seasons!

5. Add some pizzazz to your front yard by lining a walkway with pumpkins.

6. Poke holes in the top of  your left over Halloween pumpkins with a screwdriver and insert leaf-covered or bare branches with lights into the holes and flank your front door for a dramatic entrance for family and friends.

7. Spray paint tiny gourds and pumpkins in a metallic gold and bronze and put them in a large vase or serving vessel for a table centerpiece. 

8. Cut off the top of the gourd and scoop out the goods to create a perfect “flower vase” for your fall flower arrangements and Thanksgiving centerpieces.

9. Paint your mini pumpkins from Halloween in a white or cream color and place them on candle holders, on top of your mantel for a nice display.

10. Use colorful ears of corn with their husks left on and wrap around glass hurricane using twin for a dramatic Thanksgiving candle holder. 

Tis' the season to give THANKS


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