Thursday, September 20, 2012


So sorry for being MIA for almost a year...totally un acceptable, but I swear I have a legitimate excuse :)

In July I married the man of my dreams and celebrated with a wedding that I am truly proud of! Despite working with a great Wedding Panner, I planned most of the details and customized it all with a specialized logo that I designed. Every detail had our wedding logo on it, and my husband, asked if we were really getting married or starting a business?!ha
 It was SERIOUS Branding!

For the colors, people thought I was crazy, but I chose white and khaki to be the base colors with pops of RED, TANGERINE, and TEAL. Told you it sounded crazy. There is a method to my madness in that I wanted it to be neutral with big, bold pops of color that were fresh and summery. It just so happened that I was up on my Pantone colors, because this combination was featured as the summer's hot colors! WOO HOO!

I also chose the quatrafoil patten,because being a designer, I needed to add some pattern and texture to the whole mix as well!

Take a look!!

Save the Dates

Folio Invitation

 Hotel Bags for Guests

Schedule I designed for guests with Pictures:)


Custom Water Bottles

Shutter with Escort Cards

 Family Tree/ Centerpieces

Custom Corn-hole Game for Cocktail Hour

 "Love is Sweet" Cake-pop Favors

Reception Tent




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