Monday, November 19, 2012

Easy Ornament Wreath

Between the cooking, the cleaning, the organizing and the laundry, you might have forgotten your Thanksgiving front door decor....If that is the case, this could be  the perfect post to you. 

It was brought to my attention by my AMAZING and crafty aunt who texted me this beautiful creation...

YA...I know!! AMAZING!!!

I was totally blown a way, and asked for her secret, to which she replied...Pinterest. I should have known :) I did some digging and found the directions courtesy of this blog site. It is very simple and only requires a foam donut, a glue gun and LOTS of glue sticks and your favorite colored ornaments....EASY!

Step 1: Take all the "hanger" pieces off the ornaments. Then, glue the biggest ornaments on first in an even pattern around the Styrofoam wreath.

Step 2: Glue the next size down ornaments on

Step 3: It's starting to fill in now. Continue gluing on the smaller ones.

Step 4: This is the finishing stage where you fill in all the extra space with the smallest ornaments you have. Not all the balls are connected to the wreath either. You just glue them all on to one another. You just fill in anywhere you can still see the wreath.

 There you have it! I love this because it can be used for really ANY holiday. You just have to buy different colored ornaments.



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