Tuesday, September 25, 2012

25 Small Space Design Tips

We all have small spaces in our homes, apartments or condos. Whether it is a walk in closet that you can't seem to get right, or your living room in an apartment or condo that just will not hold everything you need it to!

 I have compiled a list of my favorite design tips that I use in my house and my clients homes’ as well to save space, stay organized, and LOOK FABULOUS!!!

1.  If you have a small space, use smaller furniture so your space appears bigger!

2. As hard as it might be...KEEP IT CLEAN!

3. Get rid of Clutter- the more you have the more space it takes up!

4. Duel Purpose! - Find pieces that can have multiple uses. An ottoman is comfy, but also makes for great hidden storage. A sofa table is a great surface area but also makes a fantastic desk.

BEFORE: A clients' home with TONS of toys everywhere
 AFTER: All the toys tucked into a large storage ottoman

 Sofa Table/Desk

5. Furniture with legs feels less heavy in a space, than pieces that sit directly on the floor. I call this “NEGATIVE SPACE”

6. Go Vertical and use all the space that you can- shelves and storage have a small footprint but are great for small spaces.

7. Glass-front bookcases for some reason “feel” less cluttered if they are behind glass. All of your “stuff” looks like art if it is on display!

8.  Create a focal point! Use, a piece of art, an accent wall, or a great mirror to create a point of interest that is noticeable when you first enter the space.

9. On those same lines, use color as an accent wall! If you paint just one wall in your space it creates depth and perspective, and gives the illusion that your room reseeds further than it does. I do this A LOT in my designs!
 Clients' Home: Red colored accent wall!

10. Don’t be afraid of color in a small space. Yes white makes a room look bigger, but so does a dark brown glossy color when paired with the right color furnishings.
 Small Powder Room in DARK Navy

11. Don’t try to furnish it all at once, on your own. Start with the most important pieces (bed, sofa, etc.) and live with it for a while before you start adding. You don’t want to over furnish!

12. Arrange the space so it meets your needs for the way YOU use it….not how you think it should be used! If you eat in the living room, get a larger coffee table and not a large dining table.

13. Put your money in the areas that you spend the most time!

14. Don’t go crazy when going out to purchase furniture. Make a list of things you NEED at the time and not what you want. It may turn out that you don’t have space for the things you WANT!

15. Think of your furniture as being mobile and multipurpose. Choose pieces that are easy to pick up and move for different purposed. My favorite example of this is my garden stool. I use it as a side table most days, but if we have people over, I move it and use it as another seat for guests! 

16.Edit, Edit, Edit! Look at everything with a critical eye. If you have a chair that you don’t love and don’t sit in, get rid of it and find one that you do love or something to take its place that is better for your lifestyle.

17. If you don’t have room for a dresser, get a storage bed!

18. Consider furniture that blend visually with your floors and walls. This way it will be transparent not grab your eye and look like it is taking over the space.

19. Use MIRRORS in your space. Mirrors give the illusion of more space, and they reflect light to make your space brighter!

20. Add as much light into your space as you can! Use lamps where you do not have overhead lighting!

21. A dark floor against light colored wall and furniture can really make a place feel more spacious.

22. Invest in a closet system. You would be surprised how organized it can keep you if everything has a place…not on the floor!

23. Try to avoid taking up floor-space. Instead of a bookcase, use bookshelves mounted to the wall.

24. Combine loves with needs

25. There are NO RULES! Have fun and love where you live!


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