Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stylish Bathrooms

A stylish bathroom design can make your home a place to relax and take refuge for the stress of life. Whether you plan to stay in your home for years, or you are looking for ways to enhance the room to make it more stylish and appealing to potential buyers; decorating with simple bathroom design is well worth the time, effort, and money. We actually gutted out guest/powderbath when we first moved in, and it made all the difference in the world! It is now one of our favorite rooms in the house because it is fresh and new!

 Our Bathroom BEFORE...

Our Bathroom AFTER- We Kept the vintage tub, added slate as a surround and on the floors, added all new fixtures, art, paint, and accessories (Not pictured)

Here are some tips to elevate your bathroom.

Choose a Unique Theme

Come up with a decorating theme that will express your individual style and personality. It is easy to decorate a bathroom with new hardware, eye-catching stylish accessories, and room-enhancing colors to match a specific decorating theme.

You will notice the reference with color and accessories to the beach theme in this bathroom

Begin with Color

Color can change the entire look of a room! As I have mentioned before, paint is one of the least expensive methods of decorating a bathroom to make it appear crisp, clean, and exceptionally stylish. Choose lighter colors to open up a smaller bathroom. Consider accenting a single wall or paint the entire room. Bright or bold colors can be used to accessorize and help turn an ordinary unimpressive bathroom into an extraordinary room that is extremely stylish and very impressive. 

 This is a wonderful example of using a pale color to elevate the bathroom. Having the contrast between the white and the moss green really gives the room wonderful dimension and emulates a spa like atmosphere.

Use Plush Towels
Whether for yourself or your guests; thick and fluffy towels can make you feel very pampered after getting out of that shower or hot bath. It give the idea that you brought the spa home with you...not a bad way to start or end the day :) 

Choosing Accessories

When decorating with bathroom accessories, keep in mind that less is truly more. Choose an appropriate amount of unique themed knickknacks, shelves, and well placed wall hangings, and avoid the temptation to buy anything and everything you find that matches your theme of choice. Several high-quality items are worth far more than dozens of lower quality pieces that make a bathroom appear cluttered. 

I love how color was added through the accessories in this example. Very inexpensive and adds a nice punch without having to remodel, or paint.

Bathe (no pun intended)  the Room in Light

Light can add drama to any room, and bathroom lighting should be as functional as it is decorative. Consider replacing ordinary light bulbs with room-enhancing light bulbs, and replace old shades or globes to create an entirely new and stylish look. For the cost of replacement shades and brighter room-enhancing light bulbs, your bathroom will look larger, feel warmer, and look remarkably stylish. 

 In this bathroom remodel, recessed lighting was added and really floods the room with a warm light and makes it feel bright and fresh!
Make your bathroom one of your favorite rooms in your house!

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