Monday, September 29, 2014

Gender Neutral Commercial Restrooms

This was a project we worked on with Cahen Architectural Group and was completed several months ago. An investor bought this commercial building and wanted to leave it as a shell for a tenant to come in and finish personally, but wanted to contribute to a build out by completing the restrooms. c2Design was contracted out to specify for these commercial restrooms, and we had a lot of fun with it. The goal was to give these restrooms a contemporary yet sophisticated look. With the help of shades of gray, great textures and gorgeous finishes we accomplished the goal and have some pretty snazzy restrooms to show for it!

We decided that we wanted to keep the same, gender neutral, aesthetic in both the women's and the men's but just switched the finishes so that they are opposite. In the women's we used the lighter tile on the floors and in the men's, did the dark gray to set them apart.


We carried the opposite of the floor tile up the back wall behind the sink areas and broke it up with a contrast small mosaic tile; then mounted back lit mirrors on top of the tile to create some depth.


An accent paint band was carried down the wall opposite of the sink areas to continue the horizontal line effect to the back wall and give the space extra depth perspective. 

The color scheme and overall aesthetic was pulled from this amazing Cambria Quartz product we used for the sink vanity. 

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