Thursday, January 24, 2013

Big Impact...Small Price!!!

After my last post, I found that people LOVE budget decorating...who doesn't really?! Here are some more budget friendly design tips, that I use on MANY of my projects, and in my own home!

1. Supply the Storage Yourself
No matter how well your place is decorated, organization is key to showing off your great designs. Building a desk, shelves or closet doors is an inexpensive way to get your clutter out of sight.

2. Build a Headboard
Headboards are the perfect combination of form and function and create the perfect focal point for your bedroom that grounds the space and sets the tone for the entire decor. The can be made from anything really. See some other ideas here.

3. Assign Furnishings to Double Duty
Save money and conquer a small space by having everything serve a dual purpose. Make or buy ottomans with built-in storage or use twin mattresses’ as “sofa” cushions that function as an extra place for guests to sleep.

4. Divide and Conquer Efficiently
Break down big spaces by creating zones expensively with dividers or artwork.

5. Find Your Hidden Canvases
See past boring closet doors to the fresh, clean canvases crying out for decoration. Turn old mirror closet doors around with fabric to add a soft, stylish alternative. You could also transform surfaces like this with modern artwork.

6. Put the Ceiling to Work
Don’t forget the "fifth wall". Paint the ceiling, add beams or install a fun light fixture that continues the design upward. It’s a great, inexpensive way to get more design mileage out of a room.

7. Do the Unexpected
Use an old classic chandelier that you had laying around or found at a thrift store, and give it new life. Clean it up, paint it in a bold, high glass color and hang it in an unexpected place, like a powder room.

8. Buy Some Extra Space on the Cheap
Make low ceilings look higher by placing furniture vertically so that the eye follows the line up. And make windows look taller by mounting draperies high on the wall.




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