Tuesday, January 15, 2013

10 Budget Friendly Ways to Change Your Space!

With the new year upon us, are you feeling the need to re-vamp your home? Here are some tips that I found online, that I thought were great ideas, and DON'T COST A THING...Bonus!!
1. Frame a magazine or book illustration:
Books and magazines are a great source for vibrant pictures. If you are like me, you have tons of magazines stacked on your coffee table (as decor, of course), so why not put them to good use- just cut pages out neatly and pop them into any blank frame for instant artwork!
2. Re-purpose fabric remnants as art:
If you do any sewing or crafting, I am willing to bet you have some pretty fabric pieces in your stash, just waiting for the right home. Stretch a larger piece over a blank canvas, and place it in a frame.

3. Use your throws in a fresh way:
Instead of always folding them at the foot of the bed or over the arm of a chair, try using your throws to change the look of your furniture with a bit of strategic folding and tucking. Try wrapping the loose cushion of your sofa with a throw, or lay a throw folded in thirds across the back and seat of a chair.

4. Color code your bookshelves:
Bookshelves looking a bit boring? Spend a winter afternoon rearranging your tomes by the color of their spines rather than the contents for a change. Bonus: It will give you an excuse to peruse all of your favorite old books!

5. Put the silver on display:
Whether or not you have silver, most of us have something we consider "too good" for everyday use. Consider putting some of your favorite pieces on display where you can enjoy looking at them daily. Float a flower in a teacup by the sink or gather fruit on a pretty cake plate on the counter.

6. Paper a wall in old maps:
Make your own wallpaper by decoupaging maps directly onto a freshly cleaned wall. Use maps of your area or nautical maps, or mix and match maps from places you have traveled to. If maps aren't your thing, tear out pages from an old book, or use pictures that have been ticked away in a box somewhere.

7. Remove a door and create a hideaway office:
Even a tiny closet can be transformed into a workspace. Replacing the door with a curtain will help the nook feel more inviting and give you a bit more space — and you'll still be able to close off the "room".

8. Hang artwork on your shelves:
A favorite of designers, like myself. This simple trick can make a room feel more sophisticated in an instant. A small painting allows you to still access the books around it.

9. Swap out accent furniture from room to room:
 I like to call the "shopping the house". Small furniture (side tables, stools, slipper chairs) is easy to move, and a simple swap can completely change the feel of a room. Try a side table from the living room in the entryway and a narrow entry table behind the sofa.
10. Reuse glass jars for flowers:Embellish small glass jars with colorful ribbon to make an instant collection of bud vases. Line up three, five or more down the middle of your dining table for an easy, casual centerpiece.



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