Monday, July 25, 2016

Valley Country Club Remodel

A home for entertaining must be met with design elements that compliment the style of the hostess. Located in Valley Country Club, in Centennial, CO, a family needed a few design adjustments in order make their space a dream!

This family loves to host large dinner parties. For anyone who entertains, they know how valuable it is to have an expanding dining table and a room to accommodate. As it stood (before Corinne Ekle worked her magic!) the dining room was off of the kitchen in it’s own separate space that was operated by 2 arched openings. This created a restricted area and didn’t allow for the amount of people they wished to have at one time. 

To remedy this situation, the dining room wall was knocked down to open up the space, allowing for an open floor plan. The kitchen, or the heart of the home, needed some rearranging as well. By picking up the existing kitchen and moving it to the once dining room space, it created a natural flow that every entertainer’s home needs. Electrical and plumbing completed reconfigured  new kitchen layout. While the cherry cabinets and granite were maintained, just shifted into the new space, it left quire a bit of space between all of the existing cabinets and comments. This allowed Corinne and Cahen Architectural group to get creative and add a new kitchen island and side buffet to make the new kitchen feel complete and to provide a comprehensive and functional workspace.

Because the new side buffet and island we additions to the existing kitchen, and the existing kitchen cabinets had been discontinued, they were selected in a different cabinet profile. To make this section of the cabinets stand out, it was painted the same color as the trim in the rest of the house. This showcases the modern design of the cabinets and gives the eye a break before entering the cook area. These cabinets also visually pop by the red supporting accent wall. This open counter space can be used as a buffet set up or to display occasional pieces when it's not party time!

Kitchen islands are a wonderful spot to show some personality and to hold those extra perks you wish you had every once in a while. A second dishwasher was placed in the island for any dish overload during parties. An additional prep sink was also included. A prep sink is wonderful as simply a hand washing station or to get guests involved with the cooking! A leathered finish granite slab was placed on both the island and buffet. The "Leathered" technique is the finish on the granite. Typically you see kitchen counters that are posited, as are the existing cabinets. Leathering is a more natural technique that give the stone more of a matte finish and shows the characteristics of the stone. It is still protected so safe to use on counters. Corinne thought in this space, because a different stone was selected of the new cabinet areas, it might as well be showcased and different from the surround perimeter counters. 

The existing polished granite countertops are complimented by the new onyx basketweave backsplash.

Moving onto the living room, every detail had entertaining in mind! Custom furniture pieces from Lexington Home Brands can be moved around for different arrangements. One party may focus on the tv while another may be more conversational with the fireplace in the background. Either way, the furniture can easily be re-arrange to the focal point of the night.

Two main fabrics were selected for the upholstery. This allows the client to change the look with the seasons. An eggplant paisley is on one side of the pillows while a gold herringbone is a lighter feel on the back side. With this combination on both the seat and back, there are endless options for design! With Ekle designing the space from the beginning, she was able to match pillows and the red chairs with the slatted wood frame to incorporate the whole design, no matter what fabric is on display! 

(hint: look at the pillow combos in the pictures!)

A wool rug anchors the space beautifully. The niche above the fireplace was painted red to add depth and warmth to the living area. Gold and glass occasional pieces add that sparkle and elegance that this home deserves.

The master bedroom was redecorated to reflect the clients personal tastes. The combination of black, gold, and animal print can be stunning and a bold statement if done in the right way. New bedding material and custom window valences mix the elements of neutrals and soft textures.

And no, that is not a stuffed animal…. that’s their adorable dog, Clicquot, looking picture perfect on the new bed! 

This home is an entertainers dream. The versatility of rooms allows for ample arrangements depending on the party size and theme. c2Design hopes they enjoy their home for many parties to come! 


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