Friday, July 31, 2015

Accent Walls: How To

Have you ever decorated a room in your home and felt something was missing? Pictures are hung, your throw pillows are matching splendidly and your rug and couch are perfect together… but still something is missing. May I suggest an accent wall? I know what you're thinking, ‘accent walls were so last year’. But that’s not true! Accent walls are still alive and making stunning appearances in rooms around the US. Here are some bulleted guidelines on how to choose a color and where to place it.
  • Pick a wall that your eye automatically gravitates towards. When you walk into the room absent minded, where is the first wall you eye goes towards? That’s your focal point.
  • OR… pick a wall that needs a little TLC. Do you have a side mini area that feels neglected? Choose a bright version of your accent color and paint it only on that wall. Add a ultra modern picture gallery and now the neglected wall shines like all the others.
  • Why not the ceiling be your accent wall? Dark colors make the room feel cozy and more intimate. Great for tall ceilings or a dining room.
  • Color choices? The general rule is to go two shades darker then your overall color. Look at the color strip with you overall color and go up two shades.
  • OR… Choose a super fun contrast color that will bring out your accents in the room!
Here are some of our projects where we have incorporated accents walls.

Need more inspiration? Just type in accent wall in your search engine and it will give you countless ideas!

Have a great time painting your walls! Send us pictures of your accent wall and be featured in our next article! Or, if you are in need of our services, we would LOVE to come see your home! 
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