Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hampden Hills Redesign

Oh man... 2013 was such an exciting and busy year for me. I guess it's true what they say,  "Time flies when you're having fun" because I am just NOW getting around to blogging about some amazing projects I had the opportunity to work on last year. Here is one of them:

This was a very fun and challenging project to work on. My client called because her and her husband were perplexed about what to do with their wonderful 1950's ranch style floor plan. This  large, open space had beautiful original architectural detail; however there was so much open area, that they struggled with how to define it.

Before even getting started, the homeowners agreed to have new recessed lighting installed throughout. This was the BIGGEST change for them, because rather than having to move around lamps to see and read, they could see no matter what time of day or night. It also created an added sense of warmth to the entire house.

They started off with a casual eat-in kitchen area and two pseudo sitting areas that were so similar, they never knew where to sit. The space was not working for them functionally and it lacked a sense of personality as well. After going over several floor plans options and renderings, we ended up with this layout that really works for them and their family. 

Essentially, the areas remained the same, and now they all work together cohesively and represent the homeowners and their personality. With a coordinating color palette of brick red and warm gold colors, each space now has a specific function that works well for the family and their lifestyle.

Eat-In Kitchen

 A wide open eat in kitchen that would double as a formal dining room for holidays

By building in a custom banquette area, we were able to take advantage of the corner under the window. This not only gave them more seating,  they also gained a TON of storage underneath that can be used for larger items. I also chose 2 complimentary indoor/outdoor fabric selections which brings a sense of warmth and comfort while infusing color into the space... and BONUS, no need to worry about stains and spills with such durable fabrics :)

Front Sitting Area TURNED Game Room and Causal Library.
This space had two over-sized chairs which were great for curling up with a book, but not so great for entertaining guests. 

By choosing to float all of the furniture to the inside of the room and anchor it with an area rug, we were able to utilize more of the square footage. I loved putting these 2 different over sized dining room chairs together around this small game table. It breaks up the space without being over powering. This is now the perfect place to entertain guests and have a glass of wine, or sit down in the morning with the newspaper and a cup of coffee.

Because this was a large open room, I wanted to create a sense of division without closing in the individual rooms. I chose to create an aesthetic division with this gorgeous handmade bookcase. Not only does it visually divide the rooms, it serves as a wonderful place to showcase items they have collected from around the world.

Family Room

I used the same furniture they had, but "cozied" it up a little. I took the area rug from the "front room" and used it as the anchor for this space because it was larger than what they originally had. With the addition of a side table, coffee table, and throw pillows I was able to make this a more functional are for the family to gather and relax, while also maintaining a sense of cohesion with the other spaces.



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