Saturday, May 18, 2013


Now that spring is FINALLY here...I have become OBSESSED  with our back patio and spending time outside...I thought, because I love it so much, maybe I would share my process on how it all came together, hoping to inspire you to create a space that you love as well!





It was a big project last year that I was bound and determined to finish before our wedding in July. Because we had recently purchased out home, shortly before, I knew that I was going to have to keep the budget really low. I knew I wanted something that would create a BIG impact and give us more space to entertain and relax without purchasing actual furniture. I was looking on Pinterest (as I often do) and found this picture which really got the wheels turning in my head.
 I loved the idea of using palettes and creating furniture with them, and thought with my small budget for this project, I would do just that....

So I started 12 with grungy old palette that I talked the guys at Ace Hardware into giving me (not an easy task these day, because palette's are IN) After MANY trips back and forth to our house we finally got them all into our backyard, and that is when the fun started.

Because they were a little dirty and had been sitting on a loading dock for who knows how long, I thought they needed a quick cleaning, so I borrowed  my parents power washer. Once they dried I purchased a paint sprayer to get the white look that I had seen in my inspiration picture....I thought I might start with painting by hand, but soon realized that these babies sucked up some paint, I resorted to the big guns You could also go to your local rental shop and rent an industrial painter that would get the job done in minutes!

THIS is the one I got from Home Depot. It is not the best out there, but it got the job done and I have used it for several other DIY projects.

As for Paint I used a white primer that could withstand the elements. I just went to Home Depot to pick mine up. They are VERY helpful there, so just ask!

Once the pallets had been painted I created a L shaped sectional and tucked it into the back corner of the space.

NOTE: This seems like a fast project, but it did take me 3 weekends to complete.....

During this time I had purchased a a great vibrant green outdoor fabric from and upholstered some custom cut foam that I purchased at Joann Fabric, to create my seat cushions. 

For all of the "finishing touches" here is where I purchased/picked up the rest of the items to pull the whole area together:

2 Outdoor chairs: Ikea
(These were my biggest splurge at $80 each)
 5x 8" Outdoor Rug: Kohls 
(Used Kohl's cash and coupon $59.99)
2 Bunching tables on Casters: Ikea
($7.99 each)
Rattan side drum table: Garage Sale
Green Bean Bag Pouf/Side Table: Tuesday Morning
(On sale for $25- no longer avlaible)
White tray on top of pouf: West Elm
($19/ FREE-Wedding gift)
Large corner tray: Z Gallerie
(On Sale for $20- No longer Available)
Throw Pillows: Home Depot
 (On Sale for $15 each- Last seasons collection/ No longer available)
Drapery Sheers: Ikea
($4.99 for a PAIR- Such a deal and I buy in bulk- Can be cut to size)
Hanging Lanterns: Garage Sale
($3 for both- Spray painted white)
Picnic Table:
 (FREE- left from previous owners- Spray painted white)
Outdoor Lights: Target
($12.99 per strand-No longer avlaible but can be found many places)
Mirror: HomeGoods
(On Sale for $20- Spray painted white)
Decorative silk plants: Ikea
($4.99 each)

I hope you are inspried to create something from the unexpected or transform your outdoor space! Have a GREAT Saturday! I am off to garage sales to pick up my next DIY project :)




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